About Us

Our History

In 1994, Globo Asiatico Enterprises, started as a small business venture to distribute medical supplies. Our founder, Ms. Julie Geronimo, a former medical representative of a local company, Pharmafere Laboratories, selling DBL products from Australia.

In 1998, the company was able to get distributorship agreements for Oncology products from Farmitalia Carlo Erba, DABUR, Nippon and Hi-Esai.

Globo Asiatico was then incorporated in March 13, 1999 and had its first annual sales revenue of 15 million pesos which doubled in the year 2000. This sales figure grew to 100 million pesos in 2001 when the company forged a marketing and distribution agreement with Mayne Pharma (now Hospira).

From then on, Globo Asiatico has rapidly and significantly grown to become the Philippines’ leading health care distribution provider for oncology and other specialty medicines, with services encompassing warehousing, transportation, chill-chain management, as well as customer-specific services such as outsourcing of sales activities and manpower.

Globo Asiatico Enterprises, Inc. is now one of the fastest growing distribution companies in the Philippines. Our Annual net sales for 2010 total to about P1.8 B for 36 pharmaceutical partners. The company is poised to be a 2 billion company in 2011.

Our Promise

Partnering with Globo Asiatico enables you to strengthen your distribution, supply chain and service offerings, whilst giving you the freedom to focus on your core businesses in creating demands in the market & while gaining competitive advantage through flexible, fast and efficient distribution services. We are the only healthcare distribution provider that delivers to every hospital, medical doctor, and patient, when you need it every working day including weekends or holidays (during emergencies) with our own team's full support and services of delivery riders and vehicles.

Our Culture

We have the right people, system and technologies; we are flexible and constantly move forwardin search of innovative distribution solutions for the healthcare industry. Globo Asiatico has more than 10 years of solid experience to ensure healthcare distribution excellence, by being passionate about delivering solutions that will exceed client expectations. Our customers are our guide to our excellent service.